Privacy Policy


How I Protect Your Information

I am a one-person business and will not subcontract without your permission, so your information stays with me. All computers and external hard drives are encrypted. I use Office 365 encrypted email for all communications. My cell phone is encrypted and password protected and, if it were to be lost or stolen, could be wiped remotely. I use a secure customer upload service and sharing service called, which you can use by clicking the "Secure Document Upload" link at the top of this page. I recommend that you use it when sending me your documents, especially if you are sending materials containing private or sensitive information. I can return files to you sending you a link through the same service. Any printouts I make during the translation process are destroyed using a microcut shredder. These are some of the measures I take to make sure the information with which you entrust me is safe and secure.


HIPAA is a US law that, among other things, governs how patients' protected health data is handled. 


GDPR is a new European Union law protecting the private data of any EU resident and applies to all data handlers, whether they are inside or outside of the EU. Any information you send me for the purposes of translation will be kept until payment is received. After that, I will securely delete it upon request. If we do not end up working together, I will delete it right away. If not otherwise requested, it will be retained up to 5 years and then securely deleted. It will not be shared with any third party.