Michael Elliff, President MEG Translations

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you have done on our projects for the past 12 years. You have delivered first rate  translations under some very strict deadlines. Your attention to detail,  translation quality and delivery has at times made us look like miracle  workers."

Karen Tkaczyk, PhD, French-into-English technical translator and editor, specializing in chemistry

 "Joan is a delightful person to work with. Her translations are always of the very highest quality and she has amazing research skills. She frequently solves terminology  problems that stump other experts. I would love to have the opportunity of  working with her more often."

Bobbee Musgrave, Partner, Bryan Cave

"Joan. You were absolutely terrific, so much so that the other side finally agreed to use your translations instead of theirs, because yours were so much better—accurate and  “real” sounding not stilted. I will always use you for any French translations and will recommend you to others in the firm."

Keith Ensminger, Principal, Kramer Translations

"Translators create the success of our organization, and Joan Wallace has  consistently and reliably written effective and accurate translations for our clients. Ms. Wallace provides professionally written translation from French, Spanish, and Thai to English that enhances and improves communication for our clients and partners. Her translations are excellent, she asks frequent  questions, and our clients are completely satisfied with her  writing." 

Olivier Fabris, Directeur général, Academy of Languges

"Nous travaillons avec Joan depuis une dizaine d’années pour des traductions dans les domaines médicaux et juridiques, du français vers l’anglais (et aussi de l’espagnol vers l’anglais). Nous avons toujours été plus que satisfaits de la qualité de son travail et de son professionnalisme."

Mary Margaret McAllen, Historian

"In asking Joan to transcribe and translate the more challenging and technically obscure 19th-century letters and manuscripts, her approach is to research the subject matter and acquaint herself with the context. She draws from a circle of academicians and experts on various fields to approach the translation from its core sense. In this way, she extracts the nuances that shade not only meanings, but inferences and implications. For instance, with memoirs she translates with  sensitivity and logic derived from her research, preserving the poetry and drama  these documents often bear."  

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